Thread: Giant Hedgehogs and hover cars

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    Hi, I'm new here but found you guys on a search for something that's puzzled me (on and off for a few years) and convinced my wife that I'm one step further towards losing my marbles.
    I have a sketchy memory of an old 70's animated TV short about people being upset that cars were running over hedgehogs. The story goes on and people try to find solutions, eventually they invent hover cars which solve the problem but because they're now being not run over hedgehogs evolve into giants.
    I always thought I was going a bit nuts but then I found this, unanswered, thread
    It's not just me!!! Does anyone know what it was called and, even better, have a link to the old film somewhere?
    I can't offer a cash reward, just the satisfaction of knowing that you've help convince my good lady wife not to ship me off to the nice place with soft padded wallpaper just yet.
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