Thread: (Newcomer!) Looking for a Late-2000's Nickelodeon Bumper

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    So I'm new to the forum because I've been looking online for over a week now for something I'm hoping to use in a video I'm working on. I figured it would be easy to find, but, apparently not.

    The clip in question is probably from somewhere between 2006 and 2009 (more likely from 2009 specifically), and (I am pretty sure) was featured in Nick's "Nick Extra" bumpers; it showcases "A Closer Look" at the interior design of Patrick Star's house, and how that design constantly seems to change.

    If anyone would be able to point me in the direction of this clip I would be more than happy to credit you in the finished video. I've been looking for it for a while now, and this place seems like my best bet.
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