Thread: Why is it so important to be "inclusive" today?

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    • 4 months 19 days ago
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    Why does modern times say that we see "diversity" or inclusiveness PC stuff like it is some sacred religion and should even be a social requirement?

    Just 15 or 20 years ago let alone half of a century ago everyone was "intolerant" or discriminated at one point or another. And it's arbitrary-the only reason why people say "intolerance" or insinuating it is because adults told them so when they were growing up.
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    Yes, I have noticed that. That is likely to be what the 10s decade will be remembered for the most. Not the technology (although technology did reach a new level during this decade), not the fashion, music or the movies but for the changing attitudes towards the religious views that the West once held.

    I would guess that homosexuality had become "tolerable" by the year 2000 but I didn't notice any significant attack against Christian views in the West until the mid-10s. The late 10s could be the era of political correctness because people seem to be moving away from the once held religious values of the past.

    Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, maybe we'll find out this Christmas.

    Edit: I am already beginning to think that the 10s has been pretty bad, at least for popular culture. Was there even an actual analogue music scene after 2014?
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    I think it is important to be inclusive with a brain.

    Basically, don't push away people for stupid reasons, but also understand you have to exclude if you want to have any group or club or society.

    For example, if you think old things are lame and should be discarded, you have no place on this site, and should be excluded. Guess the word has gained a strong negative reputation, like "to exclude" means "to be left behind", and we instinctively understand that is bad. Which is where the whole "brain" part comes in: think before you react and don't get manipulated by words.
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