Thread: Any other Judith Barsi commercials.

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    Hi. I run a Judith Barsi fan site. I'm constantly on the lookout for new commercials with Judith in them. Some have been posted on this site before, like the 1985 Osh Kosh B'Gosh one. She was the little girl putting on roller blades, skating backwards, and then falling down on her little rump. She did anywhere from 50 - 100 ads in her 5 year career.

    If anyone is unfarmiliar with whom I am talking about, you can visit these links:

    Already have:
    1. Biz commercial
    2. Sears Commercial
    3. Superman Hot Cocoa
    4. Frito Lay Jalapeno and Cheddar potato chips
    5. Baby Kickie
    6. Bottletime Baby
    7. Jif Cooking Lesson Commercial
    8. Math 'n' Speak
    9. Rocky Road Cereal
    10. McDonald's Way Out Desserts
    11. McDonald's/Sears Seasons Savings
    12. Kodak Film
    13. Kodak Film 1984 Olympics
    14. Six Flags Magic Mountain
    15. Bank of America - Disney Land
    16. KFC - The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe
    I think that's all of them we have so far. I know she was in A Campbell's Tomato Soup one and one for Glow Worm Dolls (very 1980's). Haven't found at least these two yet.

    If you'd like to visit the site, it is here:

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help. It is very much appreciated!

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    Hi Celia:

    Judith Barsi was in a commercial for Strawberry Shortcake with Heather O'Rourke, another tragic child star. In addition, there are some commercials in this video that I don't see on your list: Donald Duck Orange Juice, Fruit Wrinkles, Barbie Dollar Days, and Kitty Chow.
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