Thread: What was your first bike?

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    My first bike was old and rusty. My grandfather kept 2 bicycles of the Schwinn brand and was very proud of one of them. He spoke mostly about the AeroCycle bike with streamlined fenders, an imitation "gas tank", a streamlined, chrome-plated headlight, and a push-button bicycle bell as (Invalid img). It was incredible to see all this on a bicycle and it looked more like a light motorcycle. The second bike was Varsity Tourist, and it had a lot of speed gears as My older brother and uncle took the bikes down to the smallest cogs and removed the rust. After that, they collected these two bicycles at the auto repair shop and it turned out that many parts had to be replaced. In any case, my brother got a cool and fresh-painted bike for several speeds, which even switched. And I got a miracle like more on a motorcycle than on a bicycle. Imagine a vehicle with streamlined fenders, an imitation "gas tank". My bike had a streamlined chrome-plated headlight, and a push-button bicycle bell as well. My bike had balloon tires much wider than usual and they provided a soft ride.
     On one of the wheels was a dynamo car and on the steering wheel was a headlight in the shape of a ball. We rode bicycles in the summer all day long, when we had holidays and our parents often wondered why they could not see us at all. Only when we ate breakfast we were together, and the rest of the time, each of us always pedaled. It was a great time. I received a grant and moved to study at the University of Pennsylvania. My cousin got a bike and rode it for a short time but the bike broke. It could not be reconstructed or restore ... Most recently, last year I saw an unusual bike on this [url=""]link[/url] and it had the same thick tires as my AeroCycle. I learned that this is a completely new type - [url=""]“fatbike”[/url] and was very surprised. I believe that the progenitor of the fatbike is AeroCycle, and not Mark Gronewald from Alaska. Yes,
    [url=""]Mark Gronewald[/url] came up with a very cool name that is easy to turn into a brand of fatbike due to brevity, brevity, and new semantics. He really did a lot for the promotion of fatbike, which led to its industrial release. As a result, fatbike conquered the world. But I completely disagree about the novelty of the design, which belongs to the
    [url=""]legendary Ignaz Schwinn[/url], which for the first time made the 2.125-inch-wide rim, and later organized the production of this strange [url=""]AeroCycle bike[/url] back in 1933.
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    My first bike was a Schwinn with the tall handlebars, banana seat and tall sissy bar.
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