Thread: Seeking a late '80s Obstacle Course show

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    I don't have a lot of info to go on, but there was a show I remember watching as a kid when I lived in Voorhees, New Jersey, from 1987 - 1990.

    The only part I remember had kids running obstacle courses outside. Often they would run through sand, near the ocean. It wasn't a crazy obstacle course; just things like tires and rope ladders; climbing over wooden walls... sort of like a fitness course, maybe. I don't remember anything else about the show. It was not a cable TV show as we did not have cable. No idea what channel it would have been on.

    I don't remember if it was part of a game show or what, or worse if it was just local to New Jeresy... but if anyone has any ideas as to what it might have been, you'd help clear out a mental process I've been stuck on for ages.
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