Thread: 70s Kids, let me hear from you.

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    Let me hear from you 70s kids out there. Wasn't that a great time to be a kid? Come on now, you know it was.
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    Don't remember it at all. Was born in 77, the glorious 80's is all I know.
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    I was born in '74, so I did have some years in there that I can remember a few things from. Unfortunately not much though.
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    I remember the late 70s being a toddler. Kids were always outside playing and were tough. You were not a 70s kid if you didn't have on a number shirt, running shorts, tube socks and running shoes, sporting long hair. My neighborhood at the time was like a small town. Because my subdivision was built in the mid 60s, almost everyone I went to school with had older siblings and those were the big kids in the late 70s. The 70s overall was pretty ugly and depressing looking, but seemed like a great time to be a kid or teenager.
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