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    Today on YouTube, I watched a video called "15 Hilariously Awful Wii Games," which has prompted me to start this thread. I myself owned a Wii 10 years ago, when I got one for my 14th birthday. What follows is a list of what I think are the worst Wii games ever made, and why they suck.

    Deca Sports/Sports Island: On the plus side, there are 10 sports to choose from: soccer, figure skating, kart racing, archery, badminton, volleyball, basketball, motocross, curling and snowboarding. It's also a good companion to Wii Sports, and is more affordable as well. On the other hand, it's a bit sad to play against your console on, the controls are kind of awkward. Also, all the sports are bare bones, the AI is poor regardless of your chosen difficulty level, and worst of all, figure skating awards high scores to bad skaters.

    Boogie: The controls are too simple, and it's fun for only a few minutes before getting boring. Also, the metronome from the Wii remote and TV speakers are both out of sync with each other, making it very hard to follow. Worst of all: if you make any noise that isn't part of the song in karaoke mode, you still get full points anyway. The DS version is better than this, and the sequel, Boogie SuperStar, is somewhat better than this.

    Tony Hawk Ride/Shred: The skateboard perephrial that comes with both games. It's a real bitch to use, and doesn't respond very well. Frankly, it got poor reviews by many critics. I'm surprised the makers of this game weren't shot for making this piece of ----.

    Smurfs Dance Party: Essentially a remake of Just Dance that features the Smurfs. Features covers of well-known songs (including Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Walking on Sunshine, Who Let the Dogs Out, and Walk This Way by Run-DMC and Aerosmith) and cringy original tunes (such as Smurfberry-licious) about the Smurf universe. Worst of all, the graphics in this game are guaranteed to give you and your kids nightmares.

    M&Ms Kart Racing: A rip-off of Mario Kart. Currency is known as "chocolate coins." Long load times. Repetitive and annoying voices. Very generic soundtrack. Multiplayer limited only to two players. Slow gameplay. Many bugs and glitches. Boring racetracks. Need we say more?

    Major Minor's Majestic March: While the idea of playing a drum major is interesting on paper, the game is anything but. For example, the graphics look more like a PlayStation 1 game than a Wii game. The game is short, repetitive, and boring, and the cutscenes used in the game are very long and can't be skipped. The controls on the Wii remote are inconsistent, and barely recognizes these moves.

    Jenga World Tour: The makers of this game didn't need to couple Jenga with awkward Wii remote movements. They also made the game way too expensive. At least they added different Jenga block colors, power-ups, etc., and made it easier to clean up the mess.

    iCarly: A compilation of mini-games tied with a plot that Nevel has taken over iCarly, and Carly and her friends have to play a bunch of mini-games to get her show back. Games include cutting hams in half, a rip-off of Just Dance, and swatting hands away from a pie.

    And here's the link to the video that I mentioned at the beginning:
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    The worst game I've ever played is “R.I.P.D. The Game“. The game is based on the action-adventure movie of the same name. You and your partner went to the other world (died!), but must serve the good of the living! Protect this world from the destructive flow of souls who don't want to leave this Earth. At your disposal a huge arsenal of weapons, which will be the key to victory over opponents. I played this game on the PlayStation 3, although my friends claim that it looks better on a PC. Cheer up!
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