Thread: List of Galaxy Rangers (80s cartoon) Eps with the Queen

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    I have both DVD sets of Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, and it's definitely one of my favorite 80s cartoons. It's definitely worth going through, but it can be difficult for me to find time to watch stuff now. So I was wondering if somebody could provide me with a list of all the episodes with The Queen of the Crown. I'm making a music video for the Psycho Crystal song, and wish to know her episodes so I can watch them and use scenes from them I've seen 15 episodes so far (the first 9, plus others on the best of DVDs), and intend to go through the others eventually (aside from the ones about the kids; I've heard about how bad they are) but I'd appreciate this cheat sheet. I'd also appreciate it if somebody could list the "key and/or best episodes" for another AMV I wish to do for the extended theme song. Thanks in advance.
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    this site may help
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