Thread: drug-free america pool commercial

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    I am sure you remember this ad. What if they extended it (since she dove into an empty pool) to show a bunch of emt's wheeling her to the hospital and then showing the drug free America tag at the end?
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    America will never be drug free
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    It's not like the message was lost on me as a nine year old at the time but it felt more lazy than ominous. Fantasy violence and gore were pretty common place so nothing short of filming an actual death from overdose or car wreck would have made so much as a blip on my radar. You're always hearing from the witnesses and professionals but it would never quite sink in more than watching it happen with your own eyes. Until you know that level of shit getting real then those public service announcements are a totally wasted effort.

    On a side note, I do love the FBI message: "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS" on the promo screens in the arcades. They didn't do a damned thing to deter me from drugs but seeing them reminded me of all the great times I had in arcades.
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