Thread: Jayce & Wheeled Warriors fans, I need your help.

    • 1 year 6 months ago
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    I finally got around to watching the show on YouTube again. I vaguely remember renting a VHS tape of it as a kid. And you know what? I like it! It's better than most cartoons from the past few years. Please don't hate me; retro stuff is the best but there are still shows out there like Steven Universe and Star VS the Forces of Evil that I rank up there with my childhood favorites.

    So, why do I need your help? I'm going to get it on DVD soon but as much as I enjoy it, it could be awhile before I get through all 65 episodes. So I would like the die-hard wheelies to tell me what they think the best episodes are and why. I'm asking because in addition to watching those episodes first I intend to do a music video for the extended theme song, and would like to focus on using the best episodes for it.

    Thanks in advance.
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