Thread: Need Help Finding These Commercials

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    Trying to locate these Commercials and hoping someone might have any them or know where I can locate them:

    (1) Mcdonald's Chicken Select Tenders where a girl says "It doesn't come with a toy" to guy. Going off post on another forum this aired sometime in August 2004.

    Here's a picture of the actress that says the above quote:

    (2) 9 Lives Cat Food where Morris The Cat says "I'd rather eat the furniture". I don't know the exact year this aired. It was sometime in very late 80's, early 90's. Totally impossible to find.

    (3) Canadian Tire 2005 Christmas Commercial with Talking Dog named "Gilbert". Jeff Goldblum did the voiceover and dog also appeared on Grey's Anatomy as "Doc The Dog".

    (4) Home Depot 2015 Commercial featuring old cartoon animal dancing. They did a series of several commercials featuring old random cartoon clips. They did another one with Betty Boop, which I can't find either.

    Here's the exact stock clip of old cartoon dancing animal that was used in ad:

    This is type of commercial i'm referring too:

    Already tried contacted respective companies about these without no help at all. As well, i've been searching for well over a year trying to find these. Hoping maybe someone on here can help.
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