Thread: Any Vinyl record users on here?

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    I finally bought a higher end direct drive turntable a couple of years ago and listen to it from time to time. I bought the Audio Technica LP 120 and really like the sound of it. It's connected to a Yamaha stereo receiver with Polk Audio speakers. I'm getting more in to it as of late. I just recalibrated the anti skate, tone-arm weight and stylus as well as bought a rubber mat for it. I'm likely going to replace the stock stylus (needle) with the Ortofon 2m Blue which cost $236. I know the price is insane, but so is the sound quality. I cashed in reward points from when I sold DirecTV years ago for gift cards, so it will not cost me much out of pocket. I may get something less expensive.

    I have about 50 records from the 1950s to 2000s and will be buying more. Before this one I had a Numark belt driven turntable I bought back in the early 2000s. I also had a Zenith console stereo I got at Goodwill that had a record changer. Regretfully I let it go when I moved to an upstairs apartment as the thing weighed a ton. Now they are hard to find and expensive. Before that I only had a cheap kids record player when I was a little kid. I used to think records were antiquated and not comparable to digital music, but with high end equipment they sound amazing. I do like digital music too, but stick with Flac (uncompressed) audio files that have not been remastered when possible.
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    Any Vinyl record users on here?

    Yeah, we (spouse and I) got an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB last year. We've really enjoyed it. I can't quantify it, but vinyl audio definitely has an attribute, or fullness, or warmth, or timbre to it (however you wish to describe it) that digital media seems to lack--I still have CDs and listen to 320kbps MP3s though. Also, for concept albums, I find that a turntable forces the listener to experience the album as the holistic piece of art it was intended to be by discouraging the skipping of tracks; again, in the case of concept albums.

    We have a couple of dozen vinyls. Most of our collection consists of the following:
    Gary Numan
    Star Trek soundtracks
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    Sweet! I want to get the original pressing of Nirvana:Nevermind, some good dynamic range on that album. I stay clear of most remastered music after 2000 as they add compression to make them louder which ruins the dynamic range.

    The 120 is a good machine. I have Audio Technica headphones as well for several years and they sound as good as the much more pricier Beats.
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