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    Who Are These Girls/Young Women That I Am Seeing In These Pictures?:

    Can You Identify Them?

    When Were They Born?

    Where Were They Born?

    Do They Both Actually Show The Same Woman?

    What Is That Checkered Thing That Is Peeking Under Those Dresses?

    Is It The Bottom Of A 1 Piece Bathing Suit,The Bottom Of A 2 Piece Bathing Suit,Underwear Or The Botton Of A Leotard?

    Could It Be That The Flagman Didn't Have The Checkered Flag With Him & Had Those Girls/Young Women Stand On The Start/Finish Line So That The First Motorcyclist To Speed By & Lift Up That Dress To Reveal That Checkered Thing That They Are Wearing Wins The Race?

    I Am Happy That Both Of Those Girls/Young Women Have A Small Butt,Because The Men Will Want Them If They Have Either That Or A Big & Curvy Bubble Butt.
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