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    I am a little bit bored. let's discuss what is your favorite video gameļ¼Ÿ
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    Hi Orlando9,
    I like to play action shooter multiplayer games like call of duty world war 2, player unknown battlegrounds and many more. I like to go through the suspense of these game and love clearing all the levels. Even I usually buy the PC CD keys of these games from the online store of Instant Gaming at low price. You can browse the source to compare the CD prices of all the games from other sources. By the way,what is your favorite game?
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    how bout the retro games, Ike playing those now and again. well the one's I can beat. The hardest game I ever played as a retro game is Super Contra, barley can beat the first stage, if I do I die, it's at the end of stage 2, I don't think that game is unbeatable without a code, with a code your max men U can get is 10, you only start with 4. It's not on the list on this site and it should in the top 3. my favorite game is either Tetris or Dr. Mario
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