Thread: Need help remembering PC Tank Game DOS Era

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    SOLVED: Operation Combat

    Genre: Turn Based Strategy
    Estimated year of release: Possibly between 1985 & 1994
    Graphics/art style: 2D
    Other details:
    Strategy game where you mostly controlled tanks, artillery units, fuel trucks, could call in air strikes that had a plane strafe in line across the battle field. Each turn you could move your tanks and fire on enemy tanks, etc. You'd need to move your fuel trucks to resupply tanks. Your HQ was this non movable unit that looked like a tent. You had to protect yours and go for the enemy's. Maps included a jungle setting, desert setting, urban setting with streets. Cant remember others.

    It is not Panzer General or Steel Panthers. It predates those. Simpler graphics. Its is more RTS than table top style. Don't recall controlling any infantry units. Pretty sure it was one of those games that came on the big A: drive 8 inch style floppy disks.

    Edit: It was more arcade-y style than realistic or trying to ape WWII or something. Bright colors. It was fairly simplistic - think RED team vs BLUE team on the map.
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    are you thinking of battle city

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    Thanks Casey. Actually just figured it out. It was Operation Combat.
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    help remembering PC Tank Game DOS Era

    I was really hoping this going to be a thread about Tank Wars or Scorched Earth. Oh well.
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