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    There's another '90s commercial that I'm trying to remember. It aired around 1995-1996 in the DC/MD/VA area, although I don't think it was local. The main thing I remember was that the hymn "Lord of All Hopefulness" (just the music, not the words) played in the background. The commercial was not for a church or religious organization, though. It might have had something to do with farming or conservation, because it featured a man talking about planting trees.
    Does anybody remember this commercial, or know what it could be for?
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    I remembered something else about this commercial, and thought that I would re-post in case anyone can help identify it. The commercial had the line, "There will always be trees" or "We'll always have trees" -- something to that effect. The commercial may have had something to do with paper (not a newspaper); it could have been for a paper company.
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    I can't find it on YouTube!!!
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