Thread: Toonami game question

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    • 2 years 3 months ago
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    Which game on was it where TOM turned evil? I remember him gasping with his hands on his stomach, it sounded painful, and then he started giggling evilly.
    I'm 85% sure this was the 5th level of Trapped in Hyperspace. I played a lot from ages six to eight, and it was my favorite game on, so it had to be from there. The only clear things I remember about the game now are Swayzak's freakout at the end, and SARA telling me to fix the NAFT system in level 2. And of course TOM being infected.
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    • 4 months 10 days ago
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    That was it
    "It's so heavily guarded, it might be the most dangerous place on the planet."
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    • 24 days 14 hours ago
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    Thank you!
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