Thread: Looking for 1970s WNEW footage for Documentary

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    Our documentary production company Pangloss Films is working on a film about the Fiscal Crisis in NYC in 1975. We are looking for local news footage from WNEW from 1974/75 that covered the crisis. Specifically,we are looking for reports Gabe Pressman did on WNEW (Channel 5)around 1974/75. In addition, we are looking for footage of Victor Riesel, a journalist and commentator on WNEW at the time. WNYW/Fox, the successor, doesn't have anything before 1979. We would license from them but need to find the actual footage. I saw someone in this group posted WNEW intros and was hoping might have full/other programs. Many thanks! Frauke Levin, Pangloss Films, [email protected]
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    Unfortunately, you'll probably have a hard time trying to find anything like this.
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