Thread: Music Stars who had their own shows

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    As many of you know over the decades, many music were given their own TV shows, whether it be live action or animated, it would leave a lasting mark on their careers.

    In the 60s, there was the Beatles

    and then came, the Monkees

    then in the 70s, arose the Jackson 5

    and their vanilla counterparts, the Osmonds

    then an 'unknown Austrailian rock star' named Rick Springfield

    and this decade was topped off with those tartan plaid, Scotland rockers, the Bay City Rollers (whom actually had 2 shows)

    The 1980s began with the latin boy band, Menudo

    then came, Kidd Video

    The 90s kicked in high gear with Kid N' Play

    New Kids on the Block

    and MC Hammer (aka Hammerman)

    To be contuned.........................
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    In the 2000s and beyond came Asian international superstars, Puffy AmiYumi

    and then came Outkast's Andre 3000 with his own show

    and from there we got the Jonas Brothers

    Big Time Rush

    and last, for right now, The Wanted

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