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    I'm sure many of you have heard the influx of Korean pop music into Western media in recent times, such Gangnam Style and that Microsoft commercial. Because this is a retro site, and South Korea is also going through a 90's nostalgia wave, here are some K-Pop hits from the 90's.

    Kim Wan Sun - The Pierrot Laughs at Us (1990)

    Seo Taiji - Nan Arayo (1992)

    DEUX - Turn Around And Look At Me (1993)

    Turbo - Black Cat Nero (1995)

    (Remake of a famous Italian children's song "Volevo un Gatto Nero")

    Kim Gun Mo - Wrongful Meeting (1995)

    H.O.T - Candy (1996)

    S.E.S - I'm Your Girl (1997)

    FinKL - Blue Rain (199

    S.E.S - Twilight Zone (1999)
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    Aku lebih suka lagu the beatles
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