Thread: Country Music Television (CMT) VHS tapes (1989-94)

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    I have 14 digitized recordings of Country Music Television (CMT) from 1992-2001 captured from VHS in my "TV" external HDD. I also have the original VHS tapes. I'm looking for any CMT VHS tapes that were recorded 2 hrs. (SP) or 6 hrs. (EP) from broadcast TV with Hi-Fi Stereo sound from probably February 1989-February 1994. I'm looking for music videos, commercials, network IDs and promos. A tape from January 1995 is in Hi-Fi Stereo sound, most of them are not. E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any CMT VHS tapes in Hi-Fi Stereo from 89-94. Thanks!
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