Thread: Requesting that RJ stop putting its logo on vids

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    Ok so I found the Fox Kids version of the Cybersix intro at

    Problem is, it has the Retrojunk logo. This is the point I would normally hop on over to Youtube and watch it there, unedited, but it doesn't work with this intro, because it seems Retrojunk is the ONLY website on the entire internet that has this cartoon's Fox Kids intro. The other intro (the much longer running one that was used internationally) can be found on Youtube without the Retrojunk logo, and there's multiple copies of it that have been uploaded to Youtube. It appears that the Fox Kids version is the rare one, rather than the international version. I'm looking for a clean intro (no watermarks) copy of the Fox Kids version opening, but can't find it. So website designers at RJ, please please please post up the pre-edited copy of this video here. I know your server computer probably has the pre-edited raw copy somewhere on its harddrive, so please do me a favor and manually post the pre-edited copy of the video file on the the webpage.

    I know you like to lay claim to every video that gets uploaded to your site, but you have a very special place in entertainment history, archiving all the old TV show intros, and for the purposes of keeping a historical archive, it is best to keep the videos in their original form, or part of animation history could be forever lost to history, leaving only a watermark-scarred copy of the video in its place. I mean the National Archives in Washington DC doesn't put a stamp in the lower right corner of the Declaration of Independance that says "National Archives" on it. It is left UNTOUCHED as part of American history. And you don't see a stamp in the lower right corner of the Mona Lisa that says "Louvre Museum" on it. Same thing with any animation videos that are part of an art archive, because believe it or not, animation and cinema are indeed ARTWORK. And as the moment time that they were created moves into the past, the artwork becomes a part of ART HISTORY, and should be indefinitely archived for future generations to see, in its most unaltered original form.
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    I hate to break it to you, but you're about 5 years too late to ask anything of this site's "designers". It's just flailing unattended in the winds of the web my friend.
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    If you're expecting the logo to be taken off, it's not going to happen.

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    This is not the National Archives. Burger King commercials are not Guernica. What do you need a clean intro (no watermarks) copy for?
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    RJ deserves to plaster its watermark over the video. A lot of hard work went into getting all this crap online. Thank goodness Vertex had the foresight to put watermarks on them before Youtube came and stole them all!
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