Thread: Need help Identifying the name of an RPG.

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    It's an old game for either Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo....

    You play in a Top Down Adventure as a hero wearing a red cape.

    What I remember about it is you talk to various people in towns... you can take food and stuff like that. It had a lunar cycle and had night and day. You could set up camp. The Lunar Cycle would also affect the Moonstone you had on you, and when you used the moonstone, it teleports your band to a rune circle somewhere on the world.

    You eventually had a small posse to adventure with you. And they help you fight the monsters in the wild.

    I remember talking to a mouse in a castle named Jerry (oddly enough).

    There was a teleport system where, based on the moon's position, you call upon your moonstone and it would teleport you to a stone circle somewhere in the world. There were bands of gargoyles (red in color) that you could fight. They tend to hang out near the rune circles.

    I remember being able to get aboard rafts laying along the water and you could control them through the water and sometimes have to fight sea monsters.

    I cant figure out what the name of the game was.. it wasn't Shining Force, or Phantasy Star, or Moonstone: A Hard Day's Knight.

    The cover of the game, if I remember correctly had the hero facing off with 3 red gargoyles or demons, i don't remember what they were.

    I purchased it at a Yard Sale when I was a kid, and it's bothering me a lot that I can't remember the game's name. I searched and searched online, but nothing comes up when I try to describe it.

    Can someone please help me identify this game?
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    I think I may have discovered the name of the game.. I think it's Ultima VI. I'm actually quite sure about this.
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