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    As much as we like Snickers Almond, there seems to be a lot of us who just cannot resist the product that preceded it: the Mars Chocolate Almond bar, which was on the market here in the U.S. from 1936-2002, and briefly revived in 2010-11.

    Early 1970s Mars "Chocolate Almond" bar commercial:

    1980 Mars bar commercial:

    1985 Mars bar commercial, with M*A*S*H star Jamie Farr:

    It is not to be confused with the Mars bar sold in the U.K. and other Commonwealth nations such as Canada and Australia, where that version is just a sweetened-up version of the Milky Way bar (chocolate nougat/caramel/milk chocolate coating).

    Our Mars bar started out in 1936 with vanilla nougat, whole almonds and milk chocolate coating (the packaging even went so far as to proclaim "Toasted Almond" or "Chocolate Almond"). It remained this way up to mid-1980, when the bar was reformulated so that the nougat and the now-chopped almonds were mixed together. Caramel was then added on, as was the milk chocolate coating.

    With the addition of caramel, one could then consider this version of our Mars bar like a Snickers bar, but with almonds rather than peanuts.

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