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    Does anyone remember a show from probably the late 70's, it may have been on pbs, where a woman would read stories from books and show the pictures at the same time. What triggered the memory was the episode of Donna Reed show, "The lucky girl." There is scene where Donna is at the beauty parlor and the woman under the hair dryer is talking to her. That womans voice triggered the memory; I also remember her having a slight overbite, twill type clothing, and short straight hair.
    Or mr. Mahuta I think his name was? a guy who wore hawaiian shirts and made neat art projects?
    I can remember the teacher pulling the the big tv cart in from the hallway, turning the lights out, and watching these shows.
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    Y'mean this?

    (I don't remember it myself, though.)

    The other one sounds vaguely familiar, but that could just be because that seems to have been a pretty popular format at the time. I'm not sure.
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    Was the first show Teletales?
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