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    I am looking for full episodes of Radio 1990's Heavy Metal Wednesday, I would prefer to have the entire shows with all the videos and commercials intact, but if it's only the interview segments that would be fine, as long as it isn't something I already have.
    I do have around 12 or 13 episodes that I recorded to DVD myself with my standalone DVD Recorder in XP Mode, I made perfect chapter stops for each video/commercial/interview, so the DVD's are very well done, all taken from the original 1st gen VHS sources. I've got episodes such as:
    Blackie Lawless Hosting
    Jon Bon Jovi Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley
    Wendy O. Williams Hosting (The one without Motley Crue)
    Yngwie Malmsteen Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley (One of my very favorites)
    Cheech & Chong Hosting, With Special Guest Thor (Another one of my very favorites)
    Frank Zappa Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley (I have a 3 or 4 different episodes with Frank and Kathryn)
    Eric Carr Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley
    Kevin Cronin Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley
    Kevin Godley Co-Hosting With Kathryn Kinley
    A Radio 1990: Van Halen special from 1983
    A Radio 1990: Kiss special from 1983

    And I've got some regular episodes with just Kathryn hosting by herself as well.
    I would be willing to trade some of these, but ONLY for Radio 1990 stuff, or maybe something else I'm searching for (I'm also looking for someone who actually has REAL episodes of Headbangers Ball episodes, or MTV's Heavy Metal Mania on either REAL 1st gen Betamax or VHS source, NO high gen crap, or LP Mode DVD-R garbage. I have enough of that crap and

    I'm tired of it. I am also looking for European MTV from The Netherlands/Holland such as early SKY Channel's Monsters Of Rock, MTV's Metal Hammer with The Bailey Brothers hosting, or anything from the European SUPER Channel. And I don't want any LP Mode DVD-R junk, I need everything recorded in XP (1-Hour Mode), because all of my recordings are done in 1-Hour mode). If you actually have any 1st gen actual episodes of Headbangers Ball, MTV's Heavy Metal Mania or Radio 1990 recorded on VHS or Betamax, and you don't have the ability to transfer this stuff to DVD-R yourself, I would be more than happy to do it for you for free, and send you whatever you'd like from my huge list. And as for the MTV's Metal Hammer/SKY/SUPER Channel stuff, I am just about to invest in a very high-end universal VCR that can play both PAL and NTSC formats, so I would be happy to transfer PAL tapes as well.
    I also have a large collection of Headbangers Ball stuff. I've got both American and European Headbangers Ball, and even Japanese episodes. I've got TONS and TONS of European Headbangers Ball full episodes with Vanessa Warwick hosting, and 99% of it is all recorded in XP Mode, very high quality, the picture and sound is very clear.
    Another thing, I do not like capture cards. So if you have anything done with a capture card, just send me the tapes and I'll record them, send you the tape back and whatever you want from my collection. I rather settle for nothing than a capture card recording. I prefer standalone DVD Recorders, that's what I've been using for 10 years now, and I'm not changing anything now.
    I am also willing to purchase old tapes (Betamax or regular VHS) that contain either MTV's Metal Hammer, Headbangers Ball, Radio 1990 or Night Flight episodes, so please contact me for trade/sell.

    If you have anything (Radio 1990, MTV's Metal Hammer, etc) to trade or sell, please contact me at: [email protected]

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