Thread: Remember micro robot toy figures you got for a quarter?

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    As a child, a trip to my local (and favorite) Toys R' Us was not complete without going to one of those vending machine things (you know, the kind that are placed around the entrances & exits of stores, particularly grocery stores, that offer toys or food for a quarter or two) & spending a few quarters to get these really cool little robot figures. They came in 6 types, & you could separate the torsos from the legs & could mix & match if you wanted to. I'll describe the types, in my personal order. The first type had the most humanoid face & legs of them,; the bodies came in black & grey & the legs came in brown, white & black. The second type had what looked like guns for hands & spikes on its shoulders. The bodies came in white, black, brown & grey I think, while I forget the colors of the legs. The third type had needles for hands. The bodies came in red, black & grey while the legs came in grey, blue & brown. The fourth type had tank treads for legs. The bodies came in blue, white & brown while the legs came in blue, black & grey. The fifth type had a drill for a right hand & a pincher for a left hand. The bodies came in blue & grey & the legs came in white & brown. The 6th type is the hardest to describe. I remember they were the tallest think the head looked like a Storm Trooper & the legs had wires sticking out of them. The bodies came in blue, white & grey, & the legs came in brown & grey. If someone could tell me the name of these things or better yet a place to buy them from I would be very happy. I didn't take good care of them, & the things that held their legs in place are broken on most of them. Now I only have 4 whole ones (2 of type 3, & 2 of type 5 but with mismatched legs from a type 1 & a type 3) as while as half a dozen broken ones, to say nothing of the dozen or so I lost (the type with tank treads were my favorite; I remember taking the one I got with the blue body which by the way was my very favorite to a playground to show off to some friends but I lost him somewhere At least it taught me a lesson). I am willing to pay good money for them if anyone has them.
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