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    hi all,

    i tried searching it but none would fit the bill,

    2 cartoons and 1 movie,

    the movie:
    i remember seeing a sci-fi movie when i was young. it should be in the eighties,

    the only thing i can remember is that there was this floating structure like a big garbage can, it was tilted almost 45 degrees on that ship there was this thing that was like a plexiglass coffin,except it was vertical and not horizontal,
    the two pieces could go apart for maybe 2 meters or so,in the coffin there where needles and when this woman was put inside it slowly closes and you could see blood coming out of the needles. i remember this vividly as it was on the back of the rental vhs cover also.

    for some reason a big and strong bald guy pops in to mind, with a little man or kid who try to save someone from this contraption.

    the cartoons:
    i remember this cartoon movie of the 80s that involved fighting 3 dragons, fire dragon, ice dragon and another one… it might be a wind dragon.
    for some reason i do not remember this knight character has to fight those three dragons to get something, i do not recall what it was or if he/she had to slay the dragons in order to get it. what i vividly remember is that when it is time to go to the fire dragon is that there is this corridor with 2 burning stakes on either side, the shot then darkens except for the 2 flames emitting from the stakes, slowly moving to each other and becoming the eyes of the dragon… maybe this happened backwards but this is what i remembered. also the ice dragon was with some kind of frozen lake. if i am correct, the place of the fire dragon is inside or surrounded by mountains and almost impossible to get there, in its lair there is this walkway spiraling to the top. i thought it was a episode of choppy and the princess but i already found all of them and it is not in there, it could be a Japanese cartoon translated.

    the other cartoon is kinda vaguely....
    the only thing i remember is that there is this rich girl or princes who travels around in a huge carriage pulled by horses, then at some point this carriage breaks up into pieces and then re-align the pieces so it becomes a big house or castle..

    thank you for reading.
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    The 2nd one you mentioned sounds to me like Dragons Fire and ice, but I've never seen it and its kind of newer just throwing that out there
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    The first movie might be called Lifeforce released in 1985.
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