Thread: Help remembering a movie?

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    Atleast I think it was a movie.

    I don't really remember much of it. I think it was about a whimpy kid who was maybe visiting or living with his grandma, and there was this sort of arcade in this building in a boardwalk but it was really barren in it.

    Anyway I think he was getting bullied and there was this test your strength/grip/arm wrestling machine in this place that had a realistic looking hand coming out of it, and I believe eventually it got broken by someone bending it really far back, or maybe the wimpy kid finally got tough enough to bend it back.

    I'm not entirely sure about all the details, i may be mixing a few different things together but the main thing I'm trying to place is the thing about the machine.

    Even if you just remember too and not the name of the movie is fine, I just want to prove to myself I didn't imagine it.
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    Sounds like an awesome movie, now I want to know what movie this is!
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    Hopefully it actually was something and I'm not just losing it. Haha.
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    sounds pretty awesme any other parts you can remember? even if vague
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    Well the arcade may have not really been an arcade, maybe just one of those machines like i mentioned was in the building. I think the inside of the building was painted white wood and it had big windows. I think the machine was near a door going to the outside.

    I think I remember him and his grandma eating ice cream outside on the pier too.
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    Do you remember about when you saw it (Year or decade lol)? Where did you see it on TV or a video? Inside the US or outside the US?
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    I saw it on TV I think and it was more than likely in the US, I've only left the country a few times and the only time I watched much any TV on vacation out of the country was in Canada and that was mostly just cartoons.
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