Thread: Internet Celebrity Battle: Maddox vs AVGN

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    The battle of two of arguably the internets angriest celebrities.

    Maddox of The Best Page in the Universe vs the Angry Video Game Nerd

    1st Match: Comedy Battle (Who could make the audience laugh the most)
    2nd: Match: Epic Rap Battle Style
    3rd Match: Roast/Insult Style

    Final Match: A real street fight/mma match.

    I would say AVGN, but this wouldn’t be a curbstomp on his favor. In fact, Maddox can give him hell verbally and physically. AVGN wins in all four stages, but with the skin of his teeth.

    My analysis for the matches

    1st Round: AVGN wins this round. He can last longer on the comedy stage than Maddox. Maddox would probably get booed and heckeled off the stage at around 20 minutes.

    2nd Round: Again AVGN wins the Epic Rap Battle. However he has to be careful of overusing his trademark besatility/scatology jokes, otherwise, it will be used aganist him courtesy of Maddox.

    3rd Round: This match is basically a yo mama/snaps/roast/insult battle. Again AVGN wins, but only after Maddox pisses and eggs AVGN off with “you’re unoriginal” insults.

    The Final Round: The Fighting experiences between Maddox and AVGN is rather scarce, however due to AVGN’s experience with filiming fight scenes and doing his own stuns on his AVGN show, he does have a clear advantage over Maddox. On the other hand, Maddox is somewhat medium built and would no doubt give AVGN a hard time and one damn ass-whuppin. This would be a brutal brawl of a street fight/MMA style. I can see that both combatants would be hell of battered, bruised, bloodied and scarred up. I would say after the 3rd round of the brawl, AVGN walks away the arena all messed up and limping while Maddox is lying unconscious all messed up worse than the AVGN.
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    I had to look up who Maddox is. He seems to be a relatively small time Youtuber. I would hardly consider that guy a celebrity since he doesn't really have as much views, videos, and subscribers that James Rolfe does.

    Although, I do think that Maddox makes better quality video than the absurd crap James and Mike shits out these days. Not to mention Maddox doesn't make videos that's filled with horrible poop jokes and bad goblin-voiced Elmo impressions.

    In history standards, AVGN obviously wins with the quality videos he's made in the past. But with the way both James and Mike have turned into a couple of greedy money-grubbing ebeggers, I'd have to say that Maddox wins for not falling down that path.
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    I don't think they're (James and Mike) being greedy. They are just giving the fans what they want.

    I have personally never heard of Maddox, so I guess AVGN wins by default. His videos are amusing, even though I am not really a fan of the crude humor (crapping and vomiting). At this point, I really don't see the movie living up to the standards of the web series.

    I have also seem some of his other videos and James does know a lot about film history.
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    I have absolutely no clue who or what 'Maddox' is, so I'm voting AVGN/James. I'm not a huge fan of most Internet 'celebrities', but both he and Brad Jones from The Cinema Snob actually seem like really good guys who know their shit and produce really interesting content.

    The yearly 'Monster Madness' series alone will make me vote James/AVGN/Whatever every time.

    And I also don't feel like he or Mike are 'greedy'. You can't fault them for trying to make a living doing what they love. Hell, if I could do it, I'd do the same thing.
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    I think Maddox would win at the roast, his comebacks to hatemail are hysterical and ingenious.

    Maddox is also the only person I know who could make even Christopher Reeve look like an asshole-

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