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    Did anyone here stay up late on Saturday nights in the early to mid 80's to watch the genius television that was Night Flight?

    I remember all the punk rock videos, the cult movies like Repo Man, Straight to Hell, Ladies and Gentlemen... the Fabulous Stains, and the adult cartoons like Fritz the Cat.

    After a while, Night Flight disappeared and was replaced by USA Up All Night, hosted first by Gilbert Gotfried, then by Rhonda Shearer. It just wasn't the same thing. The movies they showed were all edited, and the same stuff I could find on Cinemax.
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    I must be a few years too young to remember Night Flight, but I did used to watch Up All Night. Gilbert Godfrey was unbearable, but it gave me a horror movie fix. Did Elvira host Up All Night a few times, or was that her own special show?

    As a host I preferred Joe Bob Briggs. I think he was on TNT in the early 90s, but USA definitely had better movies.
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    I don't remember Night Flight either I must have been sleep by the time that came on or too young . All I remember from USA is Up All Night , the Scary movies every Saturday beginning at 8pm in the 80's to early 90's, and their great lineup they had of Halloween movies every year.

    Also Joe Bob Briggs was the host of The Movie Channel scary movies first and then came over to TNT in the mid 90's to host their scary movies son Saturday nights . Those movies he hosted were horrible except for when they showed Fri the 13th movies.
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    I totally remember Night Flight. They showed more than music videos. They also showed short movies.
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    Anyone ever see a movie called Hell Comes To Frogtown? I remember seeing that on Up All Night. I can't remember too many others...hmm...
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    I don't remember Night Flight, but I do remember Up All Night...all I know is that woman was ANNOYING!!
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    This was one of my favorite shows to stay up late to. Around the time that SNL was sliding down the toilet with mediocre material (after Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy left to pursue movie acting careers, and then up-and-comers like Gilbert Gottfried were brought onto the cast), the only other good thing left to watch for me on a Saturday Night was the edgy and on-the-cutting-edge counter-culture program Night Flight. That's where I first saw the infamous cult classic animated short "Bambi meets Godzilla" and scenes from censored or rarely seen Looney Tunes shorts, as well as Frank Zappa's cinematic and surrealistic road tour journal "200 Motels", the animated cult classics of Ralph Bakshi such as "Heavy Traffic" and "Fritz The Cat", and even some of those lol McCarthy Era short subjects that focus on promoting social values and "virtues" in the most often skewed, half-assed, and misbegotten manner of illustration. They also showed rare video performances of a lot of artists from the era of psychedelic rock and punk rock. It was a personal thrill for me to see for the first time all the punk acts from the burgeoning San Francisco punk rock scene, like .45 Grave, that started in 1965, as well as a rare filmed performance by Iggy Pop and The Stooges. The show never missed a beat in it's counter-culture programming until the end, when USA decided to gamble with it's core late-night audience and replace it with the mediocre "USA's Up All Night", coincidentally hosted by the parnthetically aforementioned Gilbert Gottfried. There may never be a program of it's kind on TV again.
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