Thread: Cartoon about a flame causing fires.

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    • 7 years 5 months ago
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    I'm trying to find a cartoon about a little flame running around causing fires. It's not Red Hot Rangers but I think it is an old cartoon (40s, 50s). Maybe Disney or Looney Tunes, not sure.
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    • 7 years 5 months ago
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    There was an episode of Tiny Toons "Going Places" that had a little flame person setting things on fire. That's the closest thing that I could find so far.
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    • 7 years 4 months ago
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    There were 2...Animaniacs had an innocent little flame that didn't start fires. He just announced what was going on in an historical episode. I think he was the flame on a candle in Benjamin Franklin's workshop. However, Batty, the one you're talking about was a mischievous flame from an older cartoon that kept spreading and creating more of himself, especially when struck or when he was on a broomstick that was shaken vigorously. This one, I believe, was from an Andy Panda or Woody Woodpecker episode.
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    Here you are, sorry for being so late. Someone may use it as reference tho.
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    • 7 months 22 days ago
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    There are two cartoon flames I know; the first is from the old Superman cartoon (it was like some sort of fire monster) and the second was from that episode of SpongeBob where he put off doing his essay.
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