Thread: Remember computer games for Peter Pan & AroundTheWorldIn80?

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    When I was really young I had these computer game demos for Peter Pan & Around The World In 80 Days. The hook for them was that when faced with a problem, there were multiple ways to get past it. During these situations, anthromorphic objects appeared in an area on the screen & you’d have to click on one, & each had a different effect. When faced with the crocodile in Peter Pan, clicking on one thing will freeze it, while clicking on another will put a headset on him & play music which will make him go away; or something like that. There were 2 levels in the Around The World In 80 Days demo; one where you go to an art museum & have to stop art thieves and another where you go to a bullfight in Spain. I’d like to know the names of them so I can look them up on Youtube for nostalgia, & because the Peter Pan demo ended with a cliffhanger. Peter walks into a pit & an Indian grabs Tinkerbell. We then cut to inside the pit, where Peter tries to get out, but finds he can’t fly! Then some text appears & it goes back to the title screen or whatever. That was a pretty epic cliffhanger back in the day, & to this day I still want to know how it ended. Thanks in advance.
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    The only Peter Pan-themed game I remember is Hook for NES.

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