Thread: christmas not a big deal anymore??

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    • 6 years 8 months ago
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    Quote by Sunriser
    Well, in one sense, you're correct. Christmas isn't as popular because not everyone celebrates it. Public Christmas displays are not usually allowed anymore, even though they estimate that 80% of people who don't identify as Christians celebrate it.


    It was always like that :S Not everybody always celebrated Christmas
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    Quote by Alyssa
    I might be in the minority, but I honestly and truely, other than people saying "Happy Holidays" in observance of ALL holidays, and a few more PC rules about decorations, do not think much has changed. I think the major factor is most of you are older. I don't know about you, but at 32 Christmas is more about my son these days. I'm not getting a butt load of presents or a filled to the brim stocking like I did as a kid. I don't live in the same area or even state or even close to the same state, so things are not done the same. As an adult it's more about buying the presents than getting them. Your the one who has to set up the frustrating lights, not your mom or dad. I really think it's just that we're older. That's all.

    No no, I still love xmas, don't have kids yet but I still think I will always love it. I never lost any of my excitement and love for Christmas because I held on to it. Presants never really mattered to me past the age of 6 or 7 and nor will it to my son, it was always just about the feeling that everybody was nice and trying to have a good time around the holidays and the pagendry of course....thanks for your answer tho
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    No more tears that the true thing
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    I think, well speaking for myself, that Christmas has not changed per say, Christmas is Christmas, but I think society has changed as a whole. Not to mention that I am older now(51) and I do not look at or experience Christmas or any other holiday like I did when I was a child. I look at Christmas through adult eyes now. Im grown up, have a wife, etc. My parents are older now, my grandparents have been gone now for years, and has never been the same, nor will it ever be. Its just different times now. That doesn't mean we should not enjoy the holidays, but we just see and enjoy them through different eyes now. But, thank God for the memories of Christmas's gone by. I have very fond memories. I cherish those, but time goes on.....
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    I still stand by my original post on this thread, but have to add that when I wrote it, my son still believed in Santa. He only believed for one more season and it’s not quite been the same since. I miss the magic of Santa. The little bit of stress that comes with Santa is gone, and you can explain better why Santa didn’t get homeless people a house for Christmas and things like that. So while it’s a bummer to lose the magic, it’s a great time to show how fun giving is.
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    I don't personally see any differences but I probably don't think much about it. It's this big commercial holiday and we all know what the holiday is supposed to be about and not Santa presents etc.
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