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    no need to get butthurt for one little thing. if you can't agree with what we have to say, then just ignore our posts
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    I have been a member of RJ since 2007 & i gotta say its a awesome website i love it however this website can be a shithole peace of a website for the most part like most people on here i am a member of RJ to re-live my childhood of the 90s & early 2000s i love watching all the old commercials & movie triallers & i love reading peoples articles however its the chat room forums or as other people call them threads that really tick me off i do go on them yes & i like posting on them but i have gotten hate along the way as well one thread was called if you hate modern technology this is for you witch had a video by Guptill89 in it after i posted it people came on & started making fun of me & Guptill89 witch pissed me off because hes one of my favroite YouTubers along side with Benthelooney who they also made fun of but its not only making fun of my favroite YouTube people its people like say Kingborg pie in the sky or thecrow174 who dont leave me alone & troll me anyways all of these people bitch about eather my spelling or me in genreal there are also people like Dyzfunk7ional who trolled me & swore up a storm at me for no reason at all so yes i do know what im doing im just new to creating these chat room forums i just started creating some so people learn to chillax okay another thing that has come up recently is me posting on old threads listen i have the right to do that if i want too & last time i checked there was no rule or law that said your not allowed to posted on old forums if so thats just stupid going back to the spelling issue look in my opinion proper grammer on the internet is not needed where not taking a school test or writeing a important letter this is the internet people can type anyway they want too also my computer is a retro 2002 Dell so no spell check so deal with it next there was a user a long time ago called Tha90s who called me such offensive names his account got delated well ive said all that needs to be said so guys back off im just here for fun & to be nostalgic also i find it funny you people take this website so seriousley & they say its because they love retro stuff well so do i but im not a fanboy over it or a nostalgiatard looser this is a friendley fun website well i thought wrong i guess so thats that all i ask of you people is to chillax & calm down im being the calm one here not you guys you guys are butthurt not me well thats all have a good day.


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