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    I discovered Weezer when I was about 9 or 10 years old and going through my sister's music. I chose it because I thought it was neat looking (blue album). I haven't been the same since...
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    One day I was reading [url=]an essay about Pringles[/url] and their beginnings as influenced by the culture of the time. A particular paragraph struck me:
    Quote by the early 1970s...the mass-marketing zeitgeist was embracing hippy ideals... That the actual hippies had moved on after Altamont and were living in squalid communes in Northern California, where they neglected their love children, failed as farmers and cooked up speed in tar-paper shacks, simply proves the point...
    I never heard of Altamont before and went to find out more. It was a music festival sort of intended to be a 'sequel' to Woodstock. In reading about it, I noticed [url=]The Ace of Cups[/url], one of the first all-woman rock bands. I was now double intrigued and bought their only recorded material, "It's Bad for You But Buy It!" Great album, the music and the emotion are raw as hell. I consider it a tragedy that this band is not more well-known, but I am thankful for the essay about Pringles that led me to hear of them.
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    I used to hate Genesis & Phil Collins. But around 2001-2002 I was really into a singer named Jeff Buckley, who recorded a Genesis track as a joke, but got released after he passed away. I did a little research and found that it was a mid 1970's track when Peter Gabriel sang for the band. This little nugget of information opened a rabbit hole, of which I fell deep down and converted to the majesty of Genesis and Prog Rock in general.
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