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    How many of you remember Matt Sharp's penultimate side project, The Rentals?

    Before The Rentals, Sharp played bass in the band, Weezer. On the 1st album, 1995's Return of the Rentals, his Weezer bandmate, drummer Pat Wilson, also played drums on this album.

    These were their two noted hits:

    "Friends of P." (dedicated to Paulina Porizkova, supermodel and wife of The Cars' Ric Ocasek)

    "Waiting" (was chosen for inclusion in the soundtrack to the theatrical adaptation of Joe's Apartment)

    The band released one more full-length album, Seven More Minutes, in 1999. The lineup of musicians is markedly different here (only violinist/singer Petra Haden, also of that dog., remained as female singer from the 1st Rentals lineup), and would keep evolving (similar to the likes of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers).

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