Thread: DVD of Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z Toonami broadcast DVD.

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    For trade:

    Recorded from a VHS. (I don't know if this would of been okay to put in the tape trade section).

    Unfortunately there are no commercials.

    Episodes included are:

    Dragonball Z:
    The Androids Appear
    Double Trouble for Goku

    Sailor Moon:
    The Science of Love (July 25, 2000)
    Wake Up Call (July 26, 2000)

    Both are from recordings taking on September 14, 2000 and September 18, 2000

    PM for trade if interested

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    Open to trades
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    hello i will make a deal for these rare clips about 30-40 bucks im 14 and i never got to grow up watching these shows on toonami i grew up with naruto and pokemon but i will make a fair trade for these original episodes
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    I actually have that same recording from a trade somewhere.
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    I have every Dragonball Z season on DVD. Except for The Cell Games Saga.

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    Were you still up for trading?
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