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    • 7 years 8 months ago
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    Playing baseball a hard hit ground ball took a bad hop and the seam of the ball caught my cuticle on my right index finger. It pulled the cuticle back behind the back of my finger nail. The weird thing is the back of your nails are really jagged and it hurts like hell to see this for yourself. Who would have known?
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    • 7 years 8 months ago
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    Nothing broken (though I tried), but I've had my share of stitches.

    Wrist-went through a storm door age 3
    Between nose and eye lid-football accident age 9
    Top lip-basketball accident age 11
    Shin-bmx accident age 12
    Thumb-box cutter at work age 22
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    • 6 years 9 months ago
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    Around age 6-7 I was squatting down barefoot (lifelong aversion to wearing shoes when I don't have to) in the front yard flower bed of the psycho kid across the street, watching him dig a foxhole in the dirt for our army men to take cover in. One second everything is fine & dandy & the next second my right foot is pinned to the ground with a dull serrated edge steak knife & I have a brand new lifelong aversion to edged weapons of all kinds. Thanks for the memories Scott, you demented f*ckroid!
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    I just noticed recently that I broke my right index finger at some point in my life and never got it treated. Its clear that it was broken and healed crooked. I'm guessing it was when I smashed it in the door as a kid, but not sure.
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    There are so many. I was hit by a car when I was 7 and I still have the scars from that. I wasn't really hurt just got burned by the hot asphalt. It happened in the summer. When I was 8 I cracked a tooth in the shower. It was one of my front teeth. When I was 10 I sprained my ankle. Luckily I haven't broken anything.
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    Quote by pikachulover
    There are so many. I was hit by a car when I was 7 and I still have the scars from that. I wasn't really hurt just got burned by the hot asphalt.

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    What happened was that I was trying to cross a busy street that my two relatives lived on across from each other. Somebody yelled at me on one side, and I got distracted. I didn't notice the car coming it hit me and knocked me down. I think they might have breaked quickly.
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    Quote by The_Batman
    What were some of yours?

    In kindergarten we were on the playground playing duck, duck, goose. I remember being the person that went around the circle, finally I called someone the goose and took off. We ran a few feet when I look in front of me and wham! Ran into a beam on the playground. A nail head was sticking out and hit me in the eyebrow, busting it open. Needless to say I had to be rushed to the er, my uncle says they had to keep me from passing out in the car. I ended up getting a few stitches and missed a day from school

    Let's hear yours..

    When I was in kindergarden we use to play this game, I can't remember why or the rules or anything as I was too young but the part I do remember is we had these 2 HUGE Pine tree's like very tall and bushy and close together side by side so that you couldn't see through to the other side and for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to split into 2 teams and throw stuff back and forth at each other to see if we could get it over the tree's. Kids threw stuff like wrappers, dirt clots, w/e.... one kid threw something that made me mad so I was like "Oh yeah watch this" and I picked up this huge rock like the size of my forearm and tossed it, all I heard was some kid screaming his head off. he ended up with like 14 stiches in his head or something and the cops showed up at my house when they were trying to find out who did it of course I was innocent.

    Another time there was this kid I use to torment as we all do when were young everyday when he got off the bus, one day I guess he had enough because he had a huge rock waiting for me and smashed me over the head with it. I ended up with 14 that day lol not the same kid btw this was later in life. Oh well, I desearved it, good for him lol we're buds now.

    Another time me and my buddy were swinging on the swings in the park and jumping off. Well we went swinging higher and higher so we could jump further and further and I went back so high that before I could go further again and jump off frontwords my fingers slipped when I was up in the air and i went flying off backwords way up in the air and face first into the ground, i stuck my hands out to break my fall and my wrist snapped backwords and stayed that way until the cast came off lol I remember running hom screaming and freaking out crying.

    Another time, this was also around kindergarden i think, I lived in a park and there was this kid I use to hang out with all the time anyway we were in the porch of his house and he's like "look what i found" and he brings out a big glass jar with a humungas spider in it. I thought it was cool so when he went in his house for a second I grabbed it and started running home with it. I have no idea what my intentions were with it lol I have no idea why I wanted it i hate spiders (maybe this is why) but he started chasing me home and when I was running I fell with the jar in front of me and it smashed all over the place cutting me all over, thank god none were to deep just enough to bleed but at the time it freaked me out and I ran home and my mom put me in the sink and washed me and thats all i can remember.
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    I didn't really have to many injuries when I was young, but some of them were:

    Breaking my nose when I was in Kindergarten at before and after school care another child picked me up by my backpack and smashed my face into the floorboards, for no apparent reason, breaking my nose.

    Again when I was in Kindergarten I was sitting on the handlebars of my neighbours BMX bike, while he was riding it down the street, he smashed into a tree. I got my foot caught in the spokes of the front wheel, as I was wearing thongs, my mother had to rip my foot out of the wheel and it took a massive part off of the bottom of my foot, I had to go for weeks to the doctors surgery, daily so they could cut the scab and have it heal properly. It was torture.

    As a teenager when I was 14 I was ran over by a car while on holidays in Bali, the 4 cab ute ran over my legs, leaving a tyre mark bruise across both my legs and a small scab on my elbow, how I didn't break my legs I will never know.
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    when i was in kindergarden i was argueing with a friend and got ran over by a tractor tire i was not realy injured but it took all the teachers on the playground to get it of of me.
    then in 4th grade during a field day i had just finished eating lunch and was going to throw away my paper trey when my friend travis jumped on my back i wasn't expecting him to he weighed about 300 pounds then.
    when he did i fell face first on the pavement bust me wide open and i had to be tested for a concution and my are was busted to. but i got to go home.
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    I remember the skin on the back of my left heel coming off once when I was about four years old. I was watching TV and I took off my sock for some reason and the skin was just hanging there and it was all red but I don't think it was bleeding. We later made the discovery that the shoes that I had been wearing earlier were becoming too small for my feet and that was the cause of it.
    I broke my arm when I was seven just shortly into the school year. I broke my upper arm bone so no cast just a sling which was good because I could actually have a bath.
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    Got quite a few, in pre-school the details are a bit sketchy but either some kid pushed me or I tripped and fell down the stairs, apparently the teacher did nothing about it and I was bleeding from my forehead and a few other spots I have a scar above my right eyebrow from then.
    When I was 8 I was spinning around on a computer chair with a teddy bear the top broke off and I fell and cut open my back on the rusty bottom, I think I got a tetanus shot and I have a 6-inch scar from it, and when I was 12 I was jumping on my cousin's trampoline with him for the better part of an afternoon and after I got off I realized I couldn't walk without being in pain and my back hurt so much, it turns out somehow I dislocated my pelvis and I had to go through about a year of chiropractor treatments, the pain went away after about a week thankfully I didn't have to wear a back brace or use a wheelchair.
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    When I was 11 years old I was in a really serious car accident and it was so bad that it almost took my life. It all started when I was given a ride back to my dad's house (my parents haven been divorced since 1997) from my dad's now ex-girlfriend (they were still together at the time) when she feel asleep while driving and just as we went into the other lane and struck the other car it's all blank from there meaning I don't remember a thing after that until I find myself laying in a hospital bed and both of my parents were there as well. I ended up with both of my legs broken, a broken right thumb, a fractured nose, some head injuries, two broken front teeth, and tons of scars and bruises. My dad's ex-girlfriend survived as well as the person we struck so at least no one was killed which made me feel better but I will say that car accident really changed my life.
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    These are the ones I remember might be more in no specific order (these are the ones up till I was 18 )

    got hit in the side of my face with a tetherball
    hit in the face with a basketball
    got a pushpin in my knee
    stepped on a bee stinger that went all the way through my foot
    hit my chin on a windowsill after I tripped
    got sunblock geese in my eyes
    clawed down my arm by the neighbor's cat
    got my finger stuck in a car door
    got hit in the neck by a wooden swing.
    fell off the bed I was jumping on and hit my head on the wall (that wall still has the dent in it)
    fell into a cactus and ended up with cactus needles in all of my fingers on one hand
    got bit by another kid
    there might be others but these are the ones I remember easiest
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    I got hurt a lot as a kid because I was reckless. I would fall down scrape my hand or knee and whatnot but it was no big deal. I think I had two major ones and both happened in the same year. When I was 8 and in 3rd grade, probably 1994, I got hit by a baseball to the eye and my face swelled up big time. I remember feeling the impact and right away I began feeling the throbbing and swelling on my face as my face got bigger and bigger and I ran home crying because I thought I may lose an eye. It was grotesque. Also, that year I slid and hit the left side of my head on a piano and it split open and started gushing blood. I remember getting stitches. Later when I was 13 in 2000 I sprained my ankle playing basketball and I remember having trouble walking for a while.
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