Thread: Your favorite stores that you really miss

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    • 8 years 3 months ago
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    There was a bistro-like restaraunt called Plates & Platters, which was located in Payneham. Sadly, it ceased trading in 2002 and is now a real estate centre. Luckily, I salvaged one of the menus from the shredding service!
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    There was this place called Video Max that opened up in 2001 and closed in 2006 for some stupid clothing store. I bought and rented all of my Nintendo games there, ranging from the years 1985-2001 in consoles, controllers, games, and accessories. They never sold anything of the twenty first century, such as the GameCube during the time it was new when this store opened. It was my favorite place to visit to get video games, along with a few movies on some occasions. I can recall the place having a color scheme of Black and Purple on the inside, and it always had a poster of a recent movie that came out on the wall next to the movies section (Monsters Inc. is probably the only poster that i can remember). It was a fun place to visit on some occasions whenever i needed a new game.
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    Videos Unlimited.

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    We use to have a video game store called funcoland. they had everything. You could get games and accessories for every system.
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    G.C. Murphy's
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    Quote by theskooterguy
    South Australia used to have Sizzler steakhouse restaraunts. The first one I went to was at Modbury. Also went to 2 restaraunts in Queensland back in 1999 & 2001. In the late 1990s, all Sizzlers around SA dissappeared.

    There used to be Sizzler steakhouses here too. They all closed after an e-coli scare in which a 4 yr girl died.

    I miss Ben Franklin and Woolworth stores too.
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    There used to be a comic book store called Brain Damage that was located around the corner from where I used to live. This place had every comic book, comic book action figure, comic book video game, comic toys, shirts, it was insane. As a kid I used to search every inch of our apartment for spare change to buy comic books and cards, I'd also spend alot of time just looking around the store because there was so much stuff.

    Sadly, I moved to a different state and when I came back to visit the store was closed. If I were to hit the lotto for a big enough jackpot I would reopen that store.
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    Limited Too (before it became Justice)
    Just for Feet
    Mervyn's California
    Montgomery Ward
    Latest & Greatest Video (they also carry LaserDisc movies)
    Blockbuster Video
    Hollywood Video
    General Cinema
    The Incredible Universe (currently a brand of Fry's Electronics, Incorporated)
    Peppermint Park
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    Sears, Kmart (back when they were everywhere), Toys "R" Us, Blockbuster
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    Quote by BenJamin
    Sam Goody
    Circuit City
    Hollywood Video

    f.y.e. (For Your Entertainment) still exists
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    Quote by AtlantaCommercials
    Quote by demonpuppet87
    Quote by animaniac318
    Discovery Zone
    Roy Rogers
    Privately Owned Movie Rental Stores
    Little Caesar's

    There's a Little Caesar's where I live, and also a privately-owned video store located downtown. I think they're called "Video Experience".
    I have a Little Caesars's near me too.

    Little Caesars made a major comeback
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