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    If you had your own TV channel for old shows, like a TVland type of station, which programs would you air on it.

    Mine would be:

    Fables of the Green Forest
    Little House on the Prairie
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch(70s version)
    Scooby Doo Where Are You?
    Beverly Hill Billies
    Carol Burnette Show
    The Littlest Hobo
    Three's Company

    Highway to Heaven
    Belle and Sebastian
    Full House
    The Jungle Book:Adventures of Mowgli
    Unsolved Mysteries

    Hey Arnold
    Rocket Power
    The Amanda Show
    Golden Girls
    100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd
    Wild Thornberies
    Timon and Pumbaa the series
    PB&J Otter
    All Dogs Go to Heaven:The series
    Touched by An Angel
    7th Heaven
    Road Rovers
    Everybody Loves Ramond
    King of Queens
    Animals of Farthing Wood
    It's A Miracle

    Early 2000s
    That's So Raven
    Lizzie Mcguire
    Phil of the Future
    All Grown Up
    American Dragon Jake Long
    My Dad the Rockstar
    Still Standing
    Even Stevens
    Kappa Mikey
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    well, if i had my own TV station, i'd make it local, with a few things.
    1: i'd make it with K calls, or w calls (depends where i lived)
    2: i'd make some cool blocks and more
    block titles: 70's hour
    the game show lounge
    classic super arcade (shows based off video games)
    highway 90
    up all night
    cartoon express
    disney afternoon
    nicktoons saturday night
    family sunday

    the shows:
    30-50's: popeye
    yogi bear
    tom and jerry
    lone ranger

    60's: flintstones
    wacky races
    frankenstein Junior/impossibles
    banana splits
    get smart
    hogans heros
    johny quest
    george of the jungle
    car 54, where are you
    perry mason
    atom ant
    secret squirl
    rocky and bullwinkle
    father knows best
    scooby doo, where are you
    gilligan's island
    happy days
    beverly hillbillies
    wally gater
    yippie, yappie, and yahooey

    70's: now you see it
    match game
    good times
    all in the family
    what's happenin'
    to tell the truth
    family feud
    the price is right
    jokers wild
    password plus
    clue club
    the pebbles and bam bam show
    the jetsons
    what's my line
    treasure hunt

    80's: macguivver
    $25000 pyramid
    sale of the century
    super password
    jetsons (80's season)
    star search
    pigsburgh pigs
    alvin and the chipmunks
    think fast
    double dare
    real ghost busters
    tales of the dark side
    punky brewster
    out of this world

    90's: recess
    nick arcade
    golden girls
    designing women
    shop till you drop
    supermarket sweep
    quiz kids challenge
    masters of the maze
    road rovers
    dexters lab
    johny bravo
    family ties
    beavis and butthead
    south park
    power rangers
    swat cats

    early to mid 2000: jet jackson
    all grown up
    power puff girls
    cow and chicken

    these are just a few, but it wood be plenty more, basically the whole library of american/worldwide tv

    plus, a cool new feature, clips of other local channels from the 60's to mid 2000's will be featured. for example, if you're in Portland, OR, you can hear clips of news casts from WHIO in Dayton.
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    another cool feature is that we will show special events that already happened from the 60's to 2005, like the very first "a capital 4th"
    an 80's "Macy's thanksgiving day parade"
    the olympics
    american music awards
    the grammies
    NBA playoffs/championships
    super bowl
    world series baseball
    daytona 500
    Miss America
    Miss USA
    Christmas in Rockerfeller Center
    New Year's Eve in Times Square/New Year's Rockin' Eve
    The Rose Bowl
    Tournament of Roses Parade
    other local events
    plus the commercials we show are gonna be the classics.
    all logos/closing credits will be in tact.
    a 90's kid, and i'm damn proud of it!

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    My tastes may be a little different...

    Spider-Man (60s animated series)
    Krofft Super Show
    The Great Space Coaster
    Battle of the Planets
    Speed Racer
    Jason of Star Command
    The Secrets of Isis
    The Woody Woodpecker Show
    Wild Wild West
    Charlie's Angels
    Star Trek
    The Addams Family
    Twilight Zone
    Mission Impossible
    The Green Hornet
    The Benny Hill Show
    The Young Ones
    Monty Python's Flying Circus
    The Adventures of Black Beauty
    The Wind in the Willows
    Danger Mouse
    The Muppet Show
    Any Horror or B-Movie show with a host
    A variation of classic music videos and short films
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    Quote by caninesrock
    If You Had Your Own TV Channel...

    It would be all 80s all the time, nothing but stuff from the 1980s, 1980-1989.
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    My channel would consist of these sort of blocks

    "Edge of your Sitcom":
    The fresh prince of Bel-air
    Two and a Half Men
    The Big bang theory

    "Cartoon Crudeness":
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    The Cleveland show
    Beavis and Butt-Head

    "Offensive Overload":
    Balls of steel
    Chappelle's show
    Drawn Together
    Mock the Week
    8 out of 10 cats
    South Park
    (Every now and the throw in a stand-up show from the likes of George Carlin, Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr or Richard Pryor)
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    1990s of course

    Timon & Pumbaa Hakuna Matata
    Noah's Island
    Animals of Farthing Wood
    Watership Down
    Capitol Critters
    Fievel's American Tails
    101 Dalmatians
    Bambus Bären Bande
    Angry Beavers
    Yo Yogi!
    Tale Spin
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    Quote by Lepew
    1990s of course

    Timon & Pumbaa Hakuna Matata
    Noah's Island
    Animals of Farthing Wood
    Watership Down
    Capitol Critters
    Fievel's American Tails
    101 Dalmatians
    Bambus Bären Bande
    Angry Beavers
    Yo Yogi!
    Tale Spin

    I would totally watch your channel. Seems like we have similiar tastes. ^^ *high fives*
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    Something along the way of how Cartoon Network was in the early 90s era. I love retro cartoon stuff.
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    I Love Lucy
    Make Room For Daddy
    The Adventures Of Robin Hood

    Twilight Zone
    Outer Limits
    Dick Van Dyke Show
    Gilligan's Island
    Addams Family
    The Monkees

    Brady Bunch
    Happy Days
    Buck Rogers
    Mork And Mindy
    Welcome Back Kotter
    Challenge Of The Superfriends
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Dark Shadows
    Fawlty Towers
    Battlestar Galactica

    Head Of The Class
    Mr. Belvedere
    Silver Spoon
    Punky Brewster
    A Team
    Knight Rider
    21 Jump Street
    Square Pegs
    3-2-1 Contact
    Newton's Apple
    Square One
    Elvira's Movie Macabre
    Family Ties
    GI JOE
    The Cosby Show
    Double Dare
    Square One
    Secret City
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Muppet Babies

    Are You Afraid Of The Dark
    Pete & Pete
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Clarissa Explains It All
    Welcome Freshmen
    All That
    Eerie Indiana
    Power Rangers
    Darkwing Duck
    Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
    Pee Wee's Playhouse

    I'm sure there's more, but that's what came up off the top of my head.
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    i thought of some cool call letters for my tv station:
    1: KTVO
    2: KZTM
    3: KTMY (for My, and T/M would be for Tyrone/Mike, me and my friend would run the station)
    4: KFTM
    5: KLSX-TV
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    I've mentioned this before on another forum I blog on, but here goes...

    This Station is like those Retro Stations/Superstations. I hope to have it with shows from the 50's to the 90's.


    6 a.m.-Super Mario Bros. Cartoons
    6:30 a.m.-Captain N
    7 a.m.-Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show
    7:30 a.m.-Garfield and Friends
    8 a.m.-Tiny Toons
    8:30 a.m.-Animaniacs
    9 a.m.-F Troop
    9:30 a.m.-That Girl
    10 a.m.-Kate and Allie
    10:30 a.m.-Gimmie a Break
    11 a.m.-Facts of Life
    11:30 a.m.-Who's the Boss
    12 p.m.-Hill Street Blues
    1 p.m.-L.A. Law
    2 p.m.-The Fall Guy
    3 p.m.-Ducktales
    3:30 p.m.-Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
    4 p.m.-Darkwing Duck
    4:30 p.m.-Quack Pack
    5 p.m.-227
    5:30 p.m.-Amen
    6 p.m.-Mr. Belvedere
    6:30 p.m.-Who's the Boss
    7 p.m.-Step-by-Step
    7:30 p.m.-Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

    Monday 8 p.m.-10 p.m.-One-Year Wonder Monday, these are shows that haven't made syndication because they were cancelled between seasons 1-4.
    Tuesday 8 p.m.-10 p.m.-Variety Tuesday, these are Variety Shows that have been on from the 50's to the 90's.
    Wednesday 8 p.m.-10 p.m.-Special Wednesday, these are TV Special that were once aired on TV.
    Thursday 8 p.m.-10 p.m.-Theater Thursday, these are actually Movies, so that's enough to say.
    Friday 8 p.m.-12 a.m.-The Craptastic Movie Show, a show I'm hoping to make , something like Ghoulardi or Big Chuck and Lil' John and MST3K. So there'll be sketches and movies that suck and have been talked over.

    10 p.m.-Drew Carey Show
    10:30 p.m.-Perfect Strangers
    11 p.m.-Bosom Buddies
    11:30 p.m.-Charles in Charge
    12 a.m.-MST3K
    2 a.m.-Movie
    4 a.m.-Blossom
    4:30 a.m.-Mama's Family
    5 a.m.-ALF
    5:30 a.m.-Night Court


    6 a.m.-Wuzzles
    6:30 a.m.-Gummi Bears
    7 a.m.-Woody Woodpecker
    7:30 a.m.-Ruff and Reddy
    8 a.m.-Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon World (This features 6 minute cartoons in the H-B Library)
    9 a.m.-Looney Tunes
    10 a.m.-Tom and Jerry/MGM
    11 a.m.-Disneyworld (This is all Disney Cartoons from the Disney Library)
    12 p.m.-Knight Rider
    1 p.m.-Police Woman
    2 p.m.-Six Million Dollar Man
    3 p.m.-Bionic Woman
    4 p.m.-Wonder Woman
    5 p.m.-Superman (50's Series)
    5:30 p.m.-Batman (60's Series)
    6 p.m.-Movie
    8 p.m.-Concert Night
    10 p.m.-Music Movie (This is a movie that stars a musician or is a musical, something like "Movies that Rock".
    12 a.m.-MST3K
    2 a.m.-Monty Python's Flying Circus
    2:30 a.m.-Mr. Bean
    3 a.m.-Star Trek
    4 a.m.-Lost in Space
    5 a.m.-My Favorite Martian
    5:30 a.m.-Gilligan's Island


    6 a.m.-Crusader Rabbit
    6:30 a.m.-Underdog
    7 a.m.-Rocky and Bullwinkle
    7:30 a.m.-Pink Panther
    8 a.m.-E/I Shows (This is now a must)!
    11 a.m.-Building Hope Hour (This is for my church)
    12 p.m.-Movie
    2 p.m.-6 p.m.Show of the Week (This is where we show you a sitcom or 1-hour show for 4 hours).
    6 p.m.-Walt Disney Presents
    7 p.m.-Ed Sullivan Show
    8 p.m.-Family Movie Night
    10 p.m.-The Simpsons
    10:30 p.m.-The Critic
    11 p.m.-Dilbert
    11:30 p.m.-King of the Hill
    12 a.m.-Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    12:30 a.m.-Futurama
    1 a.m.-South Park
    1:30 a.m.-Chappelles Show
    2 a.m.-Movie
    4 a.m.-Johnny Carson
    4:30 a.m.-Carol Burnett
    5 a.m.-My Favorite Martian
    5:30 a.m.-Gilligan's Island

    I'll also try to find room for these shows too..."The West Wing", "TJ Hooker", "The Hogan Family", "Growing Pains", "Different Strokes", "Webster", "One Day At A Time", and "Mary Hartman Mary Hartman".

    I wonder how many people will watch this station?
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    i'd watch! what about during certain sports seasons, how about some classic pro NBA, NFL, MLB and tennis. and what would your special seasonal lineup be like. would you even have those special events like a parade or something? heck, i might even run the channel with you.
    a 90's kid, and i'm damn proud of it!

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    Animal races. First episode ostrich vs iguana.
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    Porn parodies 24/7.
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    I was just talking to a friend about this....we really think there should be a retro all the shows from the late 80's and early 90's....bring back Snick...the big red couch...Salute Your Shorts, The Adventures Of Pete And Pete, Hey Dude, Fifteen..etc. etc....
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    i would have my schedule look as follows

    the brit block (twice a day, cartoons in the afternoon, comedies in the evening)

    featuring the likes of red dwarf, bananaman, danger mouse, fawlty towers etc

    the comic book zone

    consisting of animated series of various comic book characters including marvel and dc

    vintage wrestling

    a block of matches from wwe, wcw, ecw, wccw, nwa, awa and british promotions

    americas finest

    cartoons and comedies from across the pond, featuring the simpsons, family guy, the office, big bang theory etc

    the movie of the night

    a different classic every night

    the sports zone

    a football match, rugby match, big fight, cricket classics or darts from days gone by (sorry no american sports)
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    this is a really cool concept, its sort of like tv lan or antenna tv but with more shows
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    I might structure it how Boomerang did at first and cycle through eras, starting with 60s and ending with 90s. It'd have to stay interesting and not repeat episodes of anything for a long time.

    I'd like to mix in some classic commercials and behind-the-scenes stuff too. But what would be really cool, is to give it a public access feel and let a few kids host some blocks and do little videos. Something you would only experience watching the station instead of Netflix.
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