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    How many of you here know the meaning of a "contract fulfillment song/album"?

    What this would be is, any song(s) or album that was released only to satisfy contractual obligations with a certain record company.

    List of contract fulfillment stuff:

    "C**ksucker Blues" - The Rolling Stones - a single recorded in 1970 to end deal with Decca Records (U.K.) and London/ABKCO Records (U.S.), but was never released commercially due to the title and subject matter.

    Here and There - Elton John, released in 1976 to end deal with Dick James Music as Elton had established his own record company, Rocket Records. This album contains live performances from the Royal Albert Hall, 5/18/74 ("Here" and at Madison Square Garden, New York City, 11/28/74 ("There"

    Heart Like a Wheel - Linda Ronstadt - released October 1974 as her last album for Capitol Records as she moved to Elektra Records. Contained the #1 single "You're No Good."

    Rewind - The Rolling Stones, a greatest-hits album released July 1984 as their last album for Atlantic Records, as they moved to Columbia Records before releasing Dirty Work in 1986.

    A Little South of Sanity - Aerosmith (199 - a live album which was the group's final release for Geffen Records, their label in the years 1985-94. Before the release of this double-live CD, Aerosmith already returned to Columbia Records (their label from 1973-82) for the 1997 release of Nine Lives.

    Life - Neil Young - released 1987 to satisfy Geffen Records contract; Young moved back to Reprise Records for the 1988 release of This Note's for You. Another contractual obligation for Geffen occurred with the 1992 greatest-hits CD, Lucky Thirteen, a round-up of songs he cut for that label from 1982-87.

    Elton John's Greatest Hits, Vol. III (1979-1987) - Elton John - released fall 1987 on Geffen Records, a collection of hits Elton recorded for said label in the years 1979-1986, two of which really belonged to MCA ("Mama Can't Buy You Love" and "Little Jeannie".

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    Perfect Circle's third album was one of these.
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    Mark Prindle reviews Van Morrison's Blowin' Your Nose (aka The Contract Breaking Sessions), his Bang records contractual obligation session;
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    Hank Williams III - Rebel Within definitely seems to be made just to finally end his contract with Curb. It's a decent enough album, but definitely feels rushed.
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