Thread: Need help remembering teen spy film.

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    Okay, I actually registered for this express purpose, because I've been looking all over for this movie and I can't seem to find it. Here's what I remember:

    It was a movie about a group of teenagers whose teacher is sick or dying, and needs extra money. In order to help her the teen decide to become spies for the Russians. Through a series of dead drops they dupe the Russians in to believing they're actual traitors giving them airplane plans, when all they're actually giving them are model airplane instructions.

    If anyone remembers this thing I'd truly appreciate it.
    • 8 years 11 months ago
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    It was either late eighties or early nineties, i'm leaning toward early nineties. Doubt it was a theatrical release as I rented it from my local video store a couple dozen times.
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    There is also another teen spy film which had a few teens (one being a beautiful girl in a southern belle dress) and some 4 year old super strong ballerina dancer. I forgot what it is called but the 4 year old super strong ballerina dancer is adorable. In a scene which the children are kidnapped by a villain on a remote island, their 4 year old super strong adorable ballerina dancer (in her kinda cute ballerina tutu) uses her adorable ballerina kung fu moves to defeat her enemies.
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