Thread: Axel F vs. Easy Lover

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    Which of these two songs from 1984-85 did you like better?

    We have "Axel F" (aka the "Theme from Beverly Hills Cop" by Harold Faltermeyer and we have the Philip Bailey/Phil Collins duet "Easy Lover." Both singers were part of larger bands: Philip Bailey was frontman for Earth, Wind & Fire, while Phil Collins was a member of Genesis.

    Both songs appeared on the inaugural presentation of WWF WrestleMania in 1985, with "Easy Lover" being the opening song and "Axel F" used in the closing credits.

    Both songs also ended up being borrowed for video game music somewhat, with the chorus of "Easy Lover" providing the foundation for "A Quiet Pursuit" from Double Dragon II, while parts of "Axel F" ended up somewhere in the soundtracks to both Streets of Rage and Gunstar Heroes.

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    Most people associate Axel F with Eddie Murphy when he was popular. Sadly most people don't evem remember who Philip Bailey is. And that's a shame because Chinese Wall was a damn good album.
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