Thread: Tapper (Bally/Midway, 1983)

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    Does anyone remember Tapper?

    The very first issue was the 1983 Budweiser version, although the version most of us know is the 1984 version called Root Beer Tapper. The original Bud version of the game had a cabinet designed so as to resemble an actual bar, right down to the brass footrests and drink holders, and the obligatory Budweiser beer tap handles which are used to serve the customers their beer, just as any bartender would in real life. The bonus round, where you as the bartender figures out which of the six cans was not the shaken one, features the Budweiser jingle.

    The Budweiser-endorsed version was intended for sale to taverns, not places where anyone under 18 would be allowed in. With that in mind, was how Root Beer Tapper came to be, although even there I think it could've benefited from a similar endorsement deal, which in that case could've been A&W or Mug. Another version of the original Tapper was released in 1984, with a Mountain Dew license.

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    I remember that game. It's fun, but very tough.

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    i had a Rootbeer Tapper for a little while in my home arcade. mine had a sound issue that i could never fix so i ended up selling it. very fun game. Tapper is for sure the more desirable of the 2 versions.

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    Seems to me it was on one of those athology disks for PS2 or X-box if younger gamers are curious.


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