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    I have an idea for a Sega vs. EA (Electronic Arts) series game: Hang-On meets Road Rash meets Out Run meets Enduro Racer meets Streets of Rage! These together form the nucleus that is to become: Roads of Rage (Road(s) Rash + Streets of Rage).

    Your playable drivers:
    *Axel Stone (Streets of Rage)
    *Adam Hunter (Streets of Rage)
    *Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage)
    *Dr. Zan (Streets of Rage)
    *"Skate" Hunter (Streets of Rage)
    *Axle (Road Rash) (tossup as confusion with SOR's Axel may arise)
    *Natasha (Road Rash)
    *Pearl (Road Rash)
    *Rhonda (Road Rash)

    Your enemies:
    *Electra (aka Nora) (Streets of Rage)
    *Galsia (aka Garcia) (Streets of Rage)
    *Mr. X (Streets of Rage)
    *Antonio (Streets of Rage)
    *Shiva (Streets of Rage / Road Rash)
    *Hara-Kiri (Streets of Rage)
    *Hakuyo (Streets of Rage)

    Music pieces:
    *Theme from Hang-On (aka "Theme of Love" (Hang-On)
    *Outride a Crisis (Super Hang-On)
    *Sprinter (Super Hang-On)
    *Magical Sound Shower (Out Run)
    *Splash Wave (Out Run)
    *Go Straight (Streets of Rage 2)
    *Dreamer (Streets of Rage 2)

    Combat items:
    *Cattle prod
    *Oil slick

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    Sounds like it'd be pretty good. You could also use the pipe for a weapon too.
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