Thread: Famous People Who Play *Electric* Pianos

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    Are there any famous people that are not musicians, but actors and actresses, who play not just the run-of-the-mill acoustic grand piano, but an electro-mechanical piano?

    The piano type I am referring to would include such models as:
    *Wurlitzer 200
    *(Fender) Rhodes Mk I / Mk II / Mk IV
    *Yamaha CP70A / CP70B
    *Hohner Pianet N / T
    *RMI Electra-Piano 368

    Before you start asking: no, a digital/FM synthesizer programmed to sound like a Rhodes piano (viz. Yamaha DX7 in "DX7 RHODES" mode) doesn't count.

    Examples of famous people:
    *Natasha Gregson Wagner (actress)
    *Shannen Doherty (actress)
    *Robert Wagner (actor)
    *Ronald Reagan (U.S. President, 1981-1989)
    *Harry S. Truman (U.S. President, 1945-1953)

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