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    Does anyone here have any fond memories as to the first-born daughter of the late actress Natalie Wood (1938-81) and her lesser-known husband, English film producer Richard Gregson?

    Her name: Natasha Gregson (the other surname, Wagner, was added after her mother had married actor Robert "R. J." Wagner a second time; but the young Natasha officially had the double-barreled surname following her mother's death and her resulting estate going to R. J.). "Natasha" was also the new first name given to Natalie Wood herself (her original given name was "Natalia" by her Russian immigrant parents (after having changed their family name from Zakharenko to Gurdin) in her young years, before hitting it big during the 1940s.

    Her mother's death hit her so hard (as did her younger half-sister, Courtney, the only true daughter of Natalie and R. J.) that she ended up living through it somewhat, that the emotions it had caused her influenced her film roles.

    What I want to ask you all now is: did she ever appear in any fast-food commercials (the likes of McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's)?

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