Thread: Fun Quiz: What Tony Banks Keyboard Rig Are You?

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    This link inspired me to start this post:

    I was born in 1981, and so the Banks rig that I represent would be:
    *Grand piano (studio only)
    *Yamaha CP70A + Boss CE1 chorus pedal
    *Moog Polymoog (studio only)
    *Yamaha CS80 (studio only) + Boss CE1 chorus pedal + MXR Distortion Plus
    *ARP Quadra + MXR Distortion Plus + Lexicon Digital Delay
    *Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 + MXR Phase 100 + Boss CE1
    *Roland VP330 vocoder
    *NED Synclavier II

    However, Genesis' first epic song, "Supper's Ready" (from the 1972 album Foxtrot), used this rig:
    *Grand piano
    *Hammond L122 tonewheel organ
    *Hohner Pianet-N
    *Mellotron Mark II (on loan from King Crimson)

    And Genesis' first big hit album, 1973's Selling England by the Pound, used this setup:
    *Grand piano (hear "Firth of Fifth" for one)
    *Hammond T102 tonewheel organ + Leslie speaker
    *Hohner Pianet-N
    *Mellotron M400
    *ARP Pro-Soloist
    *RMI Electra-Piano

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